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Monday, April 25, 2016

North Korea 'will halt' nuclear tests if US stops S Korea exercises

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North Korea has said it will suspend its nuclear tests if the US stops its annual military exercises with South Korea.

Foreign minister Ri Su-yong also told the Associated Press news agency that his country would not be cowed by international sanctions.

A US official has defended the drills as a sign of commitment to South Korea.

Meanwhile, the North said Saturday's submarine-launched ballistic missile testwas a "great success".

"It fully confirmed and reinforced the reliability of the Korean-style underwater launching system and perfectly met all technical requirements for carrying out... underwater attack operation," the North Korean news agency KCNA said.

It added that the test gave the country "one more means for powerful nuclear attack".

North Korea is banned from nuclear tests and activities that use ballistic missile technology under UN sanctions dating back to 2006.

Credit to BBC

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