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Friday, April 22, 2016

Geologist predicts massive U.S. earthquake during full moon

Image result for Jim Berkland, a former scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey

A geologist is warning of a possible earthquake threatening millions of Americans in the next few days.

Jim Berkland, a former scientist with the U.S. Geological Survey said he is carefully watching out for tremors and tsunamis, as reported by the Express, especially along the San Andreas Fault in California and the Cascadia Subduction Zone in Oregon and Washington state. He claims both areas are long overdue for a “big one”.

If the west coast got hit with a big earthquake, it would likely spur massive tsunamis.

The upcoming full moon is also of concern. Berkland claims most earthquakes occur during full and new moons because they cause “equinoctial tides”, which are gravitational forces that cause the earth to expand and contract.

In 1989, Berkland predicted the San Francisco earthquake, but he claims he was warned by the government not to make any more predictions, for fear of causing a mass panic. But that hasn’t stopped him from offering warnings on his website.

There have been a series of massive earthquakes in the last week in Japan. The death toll is at 48. Now the area is getting hit with torrential rain and mudslides. Thousands of people are displaced as their homes were destroyed. One of the earthquakes measured 7.3.

Earthquakes also hit last week in Vanuatu, Guatemala and Ecuador.

Credit to Trunews
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