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Thursday, January 7, 2016

Vatican’s Chief Exorcist Hints Third Secret Of Fatima Could Be Fulfilled In Next 8 Months

Pope Vatican FatimaIt is only a year and a half to the anniversary of the first hundred years of the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima. Our Lady here made explicit reference to the evils that would come from Russia, were it not to be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart. Since then, maybe with some delay, various consecrations have been actually carried out – of Russia and the world – several times and by different Popes. Solemn among them, that of 25 March 1984, led by John Paul II, with all the world’s bishops. 

But Father Gabriele Amorth, 90, known as the dean of the exorcists, as well as a prolific author, does not believe that what was requested by the Blessed Virgin has, in fact, been fulfilled […] LifeSite: There are rumors that you had recently indicated a period of eight months, maybe less … But, as I understand it, there is not a precise time… Fr. Amorth: “I think it is early. I think we are close. More and more so. The Lord will make Himself heard, and the world will respond. 

I look at all this with optimism, because God always acts for us to obtain a greater good than the punishments inflicted, which are meant to open the eyes of humanity, which has forgotten and abandoned him…

Credit to Skywatchtv.com

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