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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Could CERN’s New Stargate/Enlightenment Machine Allow Other-Worldly Beings To Enter Our Reality?

CERN doorway
AWAKE will also be the first to use pulses of protons instead of electrons in such an experiment. Protons have a greater mass than electrons, so a proton pulse will be able to penetrate deeper into the plasma, which will create more charged regions, which will provide more acceleration. Of course, this has certain people wondering, since this is a first-time experiment, can the consequences accurately be measured? Is there a potential for catastrophe? Even more, will this be the thing that finally allows CERN to breach spatial dimensions? 

Will this cause the world to become “AWAKE” to higher realities? Is it possible that is the true meaning behind the letters of the acronym spelling AWAKE? Will this experiment effectively become a stargate allowing other-worldly beings to enter our world? Will these beings force humanity to waken to a new golden age of peace, prosperity, and enlightenment as they have been promising for millennia? These questions are not as far off as they may seem. 

One of the top things on the LHC’s to-do list is to discover and measure higher spatial dimensions, thereby completely mixing science with religion (as I show in Quantum Creation, what we think of as the spirit world and what science thinks of as higher spatial dimensions are essentially the same thing; the terms “spiritual” and “extradimensional” are synonymous). With more acceleration, CERN will be even closer to realizing this goal. Whether or not that is a good thing for the rest of us is still up for discussion.

Credit to Skywatchtv.com

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