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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Man Declares Islam To Be A False Religion and Muslims Behead Him And Then Crucify His Corpse

By Theodore Shoebat

ISIS Muslims beheaded a man in Syria and then crucified his body, for leaving Islam.

Ihsan Ahmad As Saker, the victim. Killed for leaving Islam

Ihsan Ahmad As Saker, the victim. Killed for leaving Islam

On the statement posted on his corpse it says that he was committing “Ridda,” or defection from Islam, which is the very label Muslims give to Muslims who convert to Christianity. The statement also accuses him of “blaspheming Allah.”

Beheading and crucifying are punishments prescribed in the Koran for those who defect from Islam. As the Koran itself says:

The punishment of anyone who fights against Allah and His apostle and do mischief in the land is to be killed or crucified or to have their hands and feet from opposite ends or be banished from the land.” (Quran: The table spread)

Crucifixion against Christians was done by Muslims throughout Islamic history. When the Moors were reinvading in the 16th century, in the Morisco Revolt, they took the two sons of a prominent man named Arze and beheaded one of them. The other they crucified; but he very happily accepted his fate to die as his Redeemer did. The Ottoman Empire also used crucifixion against Christians in their genocide:

The life of the Christian is an imitation of Christ, so as Christ died, so do His children. As Christ cares for us, so are we to care for His Church. Let us help rescue our persecuted brethren from this horror!

Credit to Shoebat

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