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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

How Your Bank Account WILL Disappear

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Jeff Nielson: A little less than three years ago; a commentary was published which drew considerable attention: How Your Bank Account Could Disappear. The subject matter behind that piece was the institutionalized financial crime being committed at that time based upon the totally incomprehensible crime-euphemism “rehypothecation”.

The supposed justification, and precedent being established with this financial crime was to enable financial institutions to “convert” (i.e. steal) any financial assets in their possession, in order to cover their own (large) financial losses – losses generally arising from the reckless gambling in our “markets” which is now endemic amongst all such institutions.

In the case of rehypothecation; the legal justification for the crime was contractual in nature: account-holders who (unwittingly) entered into accounts where (in the legal, fine print) the institution holding these accounts was allowed to steal their assets, after it suffered financial losses in transactions to which these account-holders were not connected in any way.

As was noted in the original commentary; it would have required nothing more than the insertion of such “fine print” into the bankers’ contracts for their bank deposits to have (technically) allowed this banking crime syndicate to begin stealing peoples’ bank accounts, to indemnify it from any/all financial losses.

As it turned out; rehypothecation did not end up being a vehicle for the mass-theft of bank deposits, or any other financial assets, but this was only because these banksters had already turned their thoughts to even larger schemes for institutionalized, financial theft. Rehypothecation was ultimately a clumsy tool for mass, financial theft. It required one crime (i.e. “rehypothecation”) for each, supposed “financial loss” which the bank in question was claiming to have suffered.

The One Bank was looking for some much more efficient means of mass-confiscation of paper assets. With rehypothecation; the corrupt, kangaroo courts of the U.S. judicial system had already rubber-stamped the proposition that it was acceptable for financial institutions to steal any/all financial assets to cover their own losses, merely because they controlled those financial assets. What the One Bank wanted was a form of financial crime which offered all of the stealing potential of “rehypothecation”, but was systemic in nature, rather than requiring the bankers to steal on a loss-by-loss basis. Enter the “bail in”.

Once again; the banksters were/are endeavouring to cover-up their naked stealing of financial assets with an utterly meaningless euphemism. However, in the case of “the bail in”; the One Bank is simply combining two forms of its previous frauds: the abominable “rehypothecation”, and the banksters’ legendary/infamous “bail-outs”.

The inherent fraud of rehypothecation is obvious. However, the same, inherent fraud behind all of the endless (phony/absurd) “bail-outs” may be less obvious to readers. The Crash of ’08 provided the ultimate example of such fraud, and thus provides the best means of explaining/demonstrating it.

Let us put aside, for the moment, that all of the “losses” which the Big Banks claimed (in pseudo panic) were about to destroy them in 2008, were illusory and imaginary. With all of these Big Banks under the control of a single puppet-master (the One Bank), and with all these “losses” owed between its various tentacles; these supposed financial losses were never anything but a financial sham – of unprecedented proportions. However, even if we assumed that all of these faux “losses” actually existed; the bail-outs which our corrupt governments rubber-stamped following that manufactured “crash” were fundamentally fraudulent at a far more basic level.

One of the most unequivocal principles of any/all “capitalist” systems is that deflationary down-turns in an economy are not only necessary, but extremely healthy. The healthy function which these down-turns are supposed to perform is to purge all bad debts and malinvestment out of that economy, allowing the economy to then heal and resume growth. The empirical example which provides absolute proof of this principle of economics – in reverse – is Japan.

Japan is the original home of “too big to fail”. It was when Japan’s Big Banks were about to (rightfully and properly) collapse following the bursting of Japan’s economic bubbles that this nation first engaged in this ultimate perversion of capitalism. The bad debts and malinvestment (i.e. its own, corrupt Big Banks) were never purged from Japan’s financial system. Thirty years later; Japan’s economy has not even begun to “heal” – rather it simply becomes more and more ill, as propping-up the bad-debts-and-malinvestment (i.e. “too big to fail” banks) blood-sucks its economy toward complete collapse.

When the West’s Big Banks (primarily U.S. Big Banks) copied the mantra of Japan’s Big Banks, and proclaimed themselves “too big to fail”, all that they had proven – in absolute and unequivocal terms – was that they were now too big to exist. These tentacles of the One Bank represented the largest, steaming mounds of malinvestment that the world had even seen, multiplied by ten.

They had to be immediately put to death, or the result would be exactly what we have now seen: “Japan: the sequel”. But while these liars-in-suits insisted again and again that they would “never follow Japan”, what they have done, every step of the way, is to duplicate that failed experiment (and utter perversion of capitalism) except to a much, much greater (and more criminal) extreme.

After the Crash of ’08; our national treasuries were all looted dry. Indeed, it is the $trillions in added debts which Western governments took on to “bail out” the One Bank’s too-big-to-exist tentacles which pushed these regimes past the point-of-no-return with respect to their own insolvency. But the banksters are still hungry, and so now the “bail-outs” (one form of fraud) are becoming “bail-ins” – much more blatant fraud.

Readers have been warned on countless, previous occasions that the mass-looting of Western, private, financial assets has been not simply telegraphed, but already carved in stone, ever since the Cyprus Steal. That was the first “bail-in” and the supposed, legal “precedent” for all the future stealing to come.

One by one; Western puppet governments lined-up to announce that they would also be the One Bank’s accomplices in these acts of future theft, as they all rubber-stamped “the bail-in” as official government policy. All that was/is required is for this crime syndicate to manufacture more “losses”, and then simply point at whatever (paper) assets it wants to steal.

However, one small impediment remained, which has previously prevented the One Bank from any mass-looting of one of its most-coveted plums: Western bank deposits. Most of these deposits are covered by the “guarantees” of our own, corrupt governments. And here marks the irony.

“Deposit insurance” was conceived of by the One Bank itself, at which point it influenced/directed Western regimes to implement that scheme. The purpose of deposit insurance (in the eyes of the banking crime syndicate) was to create the illusion that putting one’s wealth into a bank was absolutely “safe”, encouraging the people to maximize the amount of their wealth they deposited…into the hands of the most-rapacious crime syndicate ever known to humanity.

With the peoples’ wealth now in the form of (paper) “bank deposits” rather than incorruptible gold and silver (for the first/only time in history), the One Bank was then able to relentlessly confiscate that wealth through the “inflation” it intentionally manufactures, year after year. But stealing-via-inflation (even at today’s punishing, real rates) is no longer fast enough for this crime syndicate, and thus “deposit insurance” no longer serves its criminal purposes.

Hence it was of absolutely no surprise to this writer to see this headline, translated through the ‘magic’ of Google:

State withdraws from the deposit insurance

The Austrian government is ending state-backed deposit insurance, and allowing the Big Banks to “fund” their own supposed “deposit insurance” scheme. As with rubber-stamping the “bail-in”; it is inevitable that other Western governments will now all follow this example (and the decree of their Master), and replace state-backed insurance with Big Bank “funds”. As regular readers already know; any time one sees the words “fund” and “bank” in the same sentence, the bottom-line is always fraud.

What do we already know when it comes to these banksters funding/insuring their own financial schemes (scams)? They only pretend to do so. The obvious example here is “credit default swaps”: the banksters’ supposed “insurance” when corporations or nations default on their (massive) debts, which was previously banned in the West (as a violation of anti-gambling laws).

The obvious problem here, and one obvious reason why the entire credit-default swap market is simply another, gigantic fraud by the One Bank? There is literally $10’s of trillions of this pseudo-insurance that has been written-up by these fraud-factories. But the insurance is only “backed” by roughly 0.0001% of so-called collateral. Total, obvious fraud.

What happened the first time a large claim was made against this supposed “insurance”, when Greece’s government defaulted on mere $100’s of billions of debt? These fraud-factories refused to pay to those making claims on their “insurance”, proving that this entire market was a gigantic fraud, at which point our (corrupt) governments did absolutely nothing.

Thus, this is what we already know about any Big Bank “deposit insurance” scheme which is supposed to protect peoples’ bank deposits:

1) It will never be properly funded.

2) The banksters will refuse to honour this insurance the first time any substantial “claim” is made against it (i.e. when the One Bank engages in the mass-looting of deposits).

3) After the banksters have obviously defrauded deposit-holders out of their life-savings; our governments will do absolutely nothing.

Here it is necessary to provide a further note of warning. While our Traitor Governments all took turns publicly embracing “the bail in” as the new manner in which they would assist the One Bank in stealing our wealth, there will not necessarily be a similar procession here, announcing the official end of state-backed deposit insurance.

The “precedent” has already been set. Austria’s government has already publicly declared that it will no longer protect peoples’ bank deposits from the rapacious stealing of the bankers, because it claims that “it can’t afford” to do so. So while we might see similar hand-offs across from the West from real (government-backed) deposit insurance to the fraudulent, pretend-insurance of the bankers (in advance of the crime); it is not necessary for such additional theater.

The mea culpa from Austria’s government that it would not/could not “protect” the bank deposits of its own citizens was delivered a priori to Austria’s citizens (i.e. ahead of their deposits being stolen), but the excuse also works when delivered ex facto (i.e. after peoples’ money has already been stolen) – it just means that those who have had their life-savings stolen will be angrier (at the government, not the bankers).

As of today; there is nothing standing in the way of the One Bank stealing bank deposits, anywhere in the Western world, and likely across the Western world, when it stages the next “financial crash”. As regular readers also know; with this crime syndicate now having a pattern of staging a “crash” every eight years (coinciding with the U.S. election cycle), this means the Next Crash is currently scheduled for late-2015 or 2016.

You have now all been warned. Your bank deposits are no longer safe, and they will be stolen. There may not be any further “warning”, for any of us.

This article is brought to you courtesy of Jeff Nielson From Bullion Bulls Canada.

Credit to http://etfdailynews.com

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