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Friday, August 22, 2014

'We Are In A State Of Eminent Crisis'.... The Plot To Destroy America

By Susan Duclos

The race war we are seeing play out in places like Ferguson, Missouri, is all part of a larger plot to destroy America from within.

This is the topic of the Hagmann & Hagmann show as father and son, Doug and Joe are joined by Paul McGuire, who dedicated the entire second chapter of his book A Prophecy of the Future of America, to the race wars in the end days. McGuire is introduced immediately in the show below, to explain how the race wars fit into the biblical examples and prophecies that we are seeing playing out today.

McGuire and the Hagmanns also discuss the purpose of destroying America is to usher in global governance, or a new world order.

Via the Hagmann and Hagmann website:

We will be connecting several seemingly disparate dots, such as the intentionally porous southern border causing the exponential increase of illegal aliens into the United States, the race based riots in Ferguson, Missouri, and the deliberate destruction of the middle class through economic terrorism. Although few make the connection, each of these incidents are indeed part of a much larger agenda.

At approximately the 10:30 minute mark is when McGuire explains that we are "in a state of eminent crisis."

Credit to allnewspipeline

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