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Tuesday, July 15, 2014


The Awakened Ones, The Hidden Destiny Of America, And The Day After Tomorrow

There is a religious institution whose members are the most devout and serious of any faith on earth. Those who are a part of this institution unquestionably believe in a god that directs their activities, and they look to this deity with the ultimate hope of gaining his favor. They, unlike many of the people who ascribe to the popular religions of today, have no doubt that their god lives and interacts with them. They see the favor their god bestows upon them. The riches and power gained through their piety actively demonstrate the reality of their god’s existence.

This institution seeks the acquisition of wealth, the free pursuit of pleasure, and control over others. The precepts of this secretive religion are contra to that of the Judeo-Christian religion that values, above all, love for one’s fellow man. The followers of this belief consider the people outside of their group inferior creatures, unworthy of their god, but necessary for manipulation towards the completion of their final objective. Through devotion, submission to the will of their god, and dedication to his secretive plan, they believe that they will achieve immortality and live in a coming golden age when their god will appear on earth and rule them in a new paradise of his design.

The truth about their secret plan is hidden in plain sight all around us—as long as we know what we’re looking at. With the proper perspective, one reserved for those enlightened few who are worthy of the secrets, their god’s plan is revealed. This book offers that perspective. But unlocking this understanding requires a key. The key, in this case, is ancient mythology. In the same way the Rosetta stone unlocked Egyptian hieroglyphs, mythology unlocks the secrets of the ancient mystery religion that is practicing and planning for His arrival.

Classical mythology has simply been considered a collection of stories designed to illustrate the nature of man or explain the natural world in a fashion in which a less-technological society would, by attributing the power of nature to human-like gods. However, the gods of myth were not merely made-up characters; they did exist, although not in the sense one might expect.

Some believe they were beings from other worlds who visited the earth in the distant past. Others say they were angelic beings. Of course, this would mean that there is at least some truth in Christianity, since the God of the Christians is credited with creating angels. As it turns out, the secret religion may have the answer—an answer that has been kept hidden from the “unworthy” for thousands of years. Intriguingly, the answer begins to reveal itself in the place where the secret religion and Judeo-Christian beliefs have common ground: the place of beginning, the book of Genesis and the Garden of Eden.

Throughout this series—based on the upcoming book:FORBIDDEN SECRETS OF THE LABYRINTH: THE AWAKENED ONE, THE HIDDEN DESTINY OF AMERICA, AND THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW—an unparalleled clarity of meaning behind the secrets of the mystery religion is achieved. Meaning that has been purposefully obfuscated for millennia to keep the “unworthy” in ignorance is suddenly understood by those who are willing to read and see it for themselves. Vital concepts are illustrated in a clear fashion, each one building on the one before it, until a complete understanding of the whole is realized. Using this framework and through the unique lens provided in the proper sequence, the meaning of the stories of myth are finally understood.

This god who grants wealth and power in this life requires devotion, worship, and sacrifice from his devotees. To his followers, he promises a transformation of this world and a resurrection where they will be like him. To help his elect reach this goal, he has given them a symbol of his power and protection, an object that has been documented throughout history to wield enormous power.

Just as the Judeo Christian God gave his followers the Ark of the Covenant, which held great power, the god of the mystery religion has given his followers an objectwhose existence has been kept secret since the Middle Ages and whose power is beyond comprehension. To those who possess it, this object grants absolute hegemony as well as the ability to increase supremacy through war and conquest. Throughout history, when men failed in their discernment of its power, it was transferred to others more worthy. This object still exists and is in the possession of an elite group who will do anything to protect it. This book reveals its history, where it is hidden today, and the greatest secret of all—its ultimate purpose.

Some of the topics that will be encountered along the path of discovery include:

The meaning behind Greek architectural form, the pillars, and pediments in light of seldom understood insights provided by Plato.

An explanation of the path from the goddess represented and worshipped by the illuminated ones at Washington, DC, to their mythological roots beginning with the Garden of Eden.

The essence and function of currency in light of the Garden of Eden and the plan that the Nachash in human form, aka the Antichrist, has to replace the system in the near future.

Why the battle of Troy holds occult meaning important and related to the arcane power of the Washington Monument.

The establishment of the symbolic “pillars” at the separation of heaven and earth that occurred in the Garden of Eden.

The concept of a circuit-based alphabet and its relationship to the symbol for the One God.

The symbolic beginning of the false reunification of heaven and earth demonstrated by the destruction of the Twin Towers.

How the story of Samson is believed by the initiates to incorporate esoteric meaning of the mystery religion and prophesies of coming destruction.

The identification of the true object of worship practiced by modern Freemasonry—Athena to Mithras, to Attis and Cybele, Semiramis and Ninus, Neith and Ra, Isis and Osiris, and Eve and the Nachash.

The identification of the ultimate goal that has been looked forward to for thousands of years by the elite members of the mystery religion might come as a surprise to many. The truth might seem too fantastic to accept. But the fact that the common man will be made aware of this truth also points to the lateness of the hour. The final objective of the great work that was started by the ancient mystics will be accomplished. The true end however, won’t occur as they have been expecting.

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