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Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Future of Mind Control Is Here


For the past eight years I have been involved in fighting against the implementation of Teen Screen. I have written numerous editorials, appeared on talk shows and have lobbied politicians to legislate against this insidious evil which seeks to mind control our children while fattening the coffers of Big Pharma, such as Eli Lilly.
A small victory has been won against the globalist agenda for mind control and eugenics through the defeat of a plot to medicate as many children as possible through a program called Teen Screen. The first part of this article reads like a recitation of evil followed by a victory speech. However, I believe that our celebration may be short lived. The last part of the article details what is following the demise of Teen Screen and it is worse.

From the Beginning

Through the former President, George Bush, and the current President, Barack Obama, the government had previously unleashed a modern day version of the mind control police in America by attacking the psychological well-being of
Veteran Brandon Raub being arrested for what he wrote on his FB page in which he questioned the findings of 9/11. The intent was to drug him until the Rutherford Institute stepped in.
Veteran Brandon Raub being arrested for what he wrote on his FB page in which he questioned the findings of 9/11. The intent was to drug him until the Rutherford Institute stepped in.
America’s school children through the greatly expanded program known as Teen Screen and the medicating of minds with psychotropics through a program being offered on many school campuses. Parallel programs exist through the Veterans Administration and are being used to attack veterans as America is also witnessing the same with the arresting of veterans, for espousing incorrect views and then medicating our ex-soldiers, such as was the case with Brandon Raub.
There is an ongoing battle for the psychological health and welfare of America’s children and eventually all Americans, under the New Freedoms Commission (NFC), as it is the eventual intent to screen and treat, with mind numbing drug, all Americans for mental illness by using criteria designed to elicit false positives. The relatively new mind control programs commenced in 2002 with the intent of compelling the mental health testing of all 52 million school children and the 6.5 million adults who walk through doors of every school in America on any given weekday. Acting under the authority of the NFC, all 50 states are mandated to implement compulsory mental health screening. The screening exams were scheduled  to be administered in kindergarten, fourth and ninth grade. The screening program required no parental notification and carries the force of law and this program continues unabated to this day. As is the case with vaccinations, the diagnosis and treatment, under the mind control policies of the Bush and Obama administrations were to become eventually be universal!
In April of 2002, by Executive Order, President George W. Bush convened a 22 member panel which sought to identify policies that could be implemented by all levels of government which would promote successful mental health treatment for all children and adults.
In July of 2003, the NFC formally recommended that schools were in the best position to commence thescreening of all Americans beginning with America’s students and school employees. The NFC implemented their recommendations, in November of 2004, with a $20 million dollar appropriation.
Not all Congressmen agreed with President Bush and his desire to screen the mental health of all American schoolchildren, especially without parental notification, including Congressman Ron Paul. Congressman Paul, R-Texas, is a medical doctor and a member of the American Association of Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS). Congressman Paul cautions Americans that the most obvious beneficiary of this mental health screening legislation is none other than the omnipresent pharmaceutical industry. The AAPS was also on record as opposing the NFC legislation, which they say will result in mandatory psychological testing of all of America’s school children without parental consent as well placing coercive pressure on parents to needlessly medicate their children with dangerous psychotropic drugs. Congressman Ron Paul attempted to withhold funding for the mandatory mental health screenings as well as requiring parental consent prior to any screening through the introduction of an amendment to the Congressional NFC funding bill. Because of the intense lobbying efforts by Big Pharma, Paul’s proposed amendment was soundly defeated.

Teen Screen: The Epitome of Bad Science

The Teen Screen program was ripe with shoddy and fraudulent testing instruments. The testing instruments had an 83% false positive rate in terms of diagnosing depression. The program was also designed to fatten the pocketbooks of Big Pharma, as the only allowed prescribed medications were the ones on patent which drove the cost of medicating children up by as much 2,000%.
The net effect was that there was an extreme motive to over-diagnose various mental illnesses for reasons related to profit. To others, this was a matter of controlling our young children because psychotropically medicated children do not cause problems because they become so docile.

The Worm Turns

theresa and chelsea rhoadesIn 2009, I had Theresa Rhoades on my talk show to discuss her lawsuit victory, on behalf of her daughter Chelsea, in a Teen Screen related matter. The Rhoades judgment did much to awaken the nation. As a result many protest groups formed in an effort to shut down Teen Screen.
Massive protests have shut down Teen Screen.
Massive protests have shut down Teen Screen.
There has been a stunning development. Teen Screen, despite massive government funding from two administrations and the National Institute of Health, is shutting down operations. They have succumbed to the massive outcry against this evil being perpetrated against our children.
Today their is an announcement on Teen Screen’s website: “We are sorry to inform you that the TeenScreen National Center will be winding down its program at the end of this year. Accordingly, we will no longer train or register new programs. We will provide updates on the TeenScreen website for a limited time with respect to any other screening programs of which we become aware.”
The monster known as Teen Screen is dead. Before we pop the cork on the champagne, we need to be cognizant that this program was once one of the crown jewels of the government mind control programs designed to increase pharmaceutical profits, but most of all, turn our children in docile and manageable children.

Can We Really Believe That This is the End of the Story?

Teen Screen spent over $350 billion of taxpayer money to implement.  Does it seem likely that the purveyors of evil program are just going to walk away take their losses in stride? If one has been following various globalist programs for any length of time, we all realize that this program will come back, but just in a different form. And some of us think we know what form this type of mind control will return in.  The programs have shifted to our post-secondary institutions where parents cannot legally interfere with young adults involved in medicating and testing.

What Lies Ahead?

We have known for sometime that human behavior can be manipulated through the electromagnetic process (i.e. the work of Jose Delgado and the CIA at Stanford Research Institute in the 1960′s), and also human behavior can be altered and controlled through the electromagnetic process combined with chemical processes (i.e. MKULTRA experiments conducted at Stanford, University of Hawaii et al).
At this point, it is important to take a side turn and mention the fact that there are many alternative grids which exist and parallel the co-existence with the main power grid. Some of these parallel power grids include (HAARP, satellite communications, GWEN Towers, etc.). It previously been well-documented that these systems have been used for various forms of mind control experiments and projects.
On November 13th, DHS and FEMA, along with the participation of all 50 governors and over 150 corporations are participating in a simulated terror attack, called Grid Ex II, which presumably simulates taking down the main power grid through out North America. However, the alternative power grids will be presumably unaffected through the testing. Interestingly, there is an undeniable NWO connection to this drill. The document which gives the general overview of the drill is printed on a Security Prosperity Partnership(SPP) website. SPP administrates the implementation of the North American Union. I think there is no question that this drill is much bigger than a simple simulation drill.
I have written extensively on the fact that the manner in which the November 13th drill is being executed, it has all the hallmark characteristics of previous false flag events (9/11, 7/7 bombings, the Boston Marathon Bombing). Could the drill be a way to backdoor a mind control grid system being placed into our daily lives? This is the subject of further inquiry and the early returns on the intelligence does not discount this possibility. This scenario is quickly becoming very plausible.
To what purpose would this blackout drill turn into a false flag event? One possibility is that the taking down of the grid could be blamed on Syria and/or Iran and subsequently be used as a pretext for an attack upon these countries. This is certainly a legitimate goal. The other possibility is that the globalists seek to unify the grid with all of their post modern mind altering toys. And when one is familiar with such things as HAARP and the GWEN Towers, one has to wonder about the mind control potential of a new grid system which could be used to replace the old system. Before I take off my tin foil hat, please allow me to say that there is new information which indicates that some of the nation’s universities are being used to ferment mind control technology. Of course, this is nothing new, because the Stanford Research Institute was performing MKULTRA experiments in the 1960′s and the University of Hawaii was doing the same at the same time and members of Obama’s family participated. 
mind controlPresently, there are universities located at San Diego State University, Arizona State University and Western Kentucky University which are promoting the next generation of both increased electronic surveillance activities as well as mind control experiments. The clandestine activities of these universities, as I am discovering, is frightening. In some instances, at San Diego State University and Western Kentucky University, I am receiving reports in which the “black programs” of these institutions are targeting individuals and making their lives a living hell.
Over the next several weeks, as a lead up the Grid Ex II drill, Virginia Farver and I are collaborating with regard to investigating these universities in relation to the topic at hand. The first entry with regard to this topic has to do with certificates of study related to learning about the Department of Homeland Security. Yet, when one looks closer, these programs truly don’t exist. There are no courses listed, no instructors of record and phone calls of inquiry are met with denials. In a future article, I will detail how a specific professor at Western Kentucky University questioned the validity of this program and then she found herself the target of electronic harassment, in which the Bowling Green, KT. police have found merit to her complaints and she has been afforded extra protection. It is clear that these bogus programs serve the purpose of the shell corporation. It is becoming quite clear these programs are receiving taxpayer money and serve as a conduit to fund black operations projects with taxpayer money.
In the next installment in this series, Ms. Farver and I will be looking at the true nature of some of these programs as told to us by insiders. The technology we are going to be revealing is not the stuff of a futuristic science fiction novel. This technology is readily available right now and only needs a mass conduit of delivery to gain a major foothold.
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