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Monday, July 1, 2013

Dozens succumb to heat in western US

Dozens of people across western US states have been treated for exhaustion and dehydration, as the region is continuing to bake in a heat wave.

A man in Las Vegas is believed to have died from a heat-related illness.

Air-conditioned "cooling centres" have been set up in California, Nevada and Arizona, as officials warn the heat could be life-threatening.

Temperatures in some areas are expected to be near 54C (130F) - close to the world's all-time record.

Several parts of California - including the desert town of Palm Springs - saw record highs on Saturday.

There are fears of wildfires, as the heat could last for several days.Pushed to the limit

More than 34 people were taken to hospital after attending an outdoor concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, officials said.

They also said that an elderly resident was found dead in a house with no air-conditioning. The man suffered medical problems, but his condition is believed to have been aggravated by the heat, according to the Associated Press news agency.


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