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Monday, April 29, 2013

The “Boston Marathon Race Bombing” part 3 with Doc Marquis

Just when you think this story on the Boston Marathon Race Bombing couldn’t get any stranger, a number of other twists and turns rear their heads. Without any further ado, let’s get into the new information which will add even more evidence that the Boston Marathon Race Bombing was a contrived occurrence.

In (Figure 58)
we see the photo of Jeff Baumann who has become the Poster Boy for the Boston Marathon Race Bombing. In Part II of this story, you’ll recall how I explained medically that the traumatic wounds Jeff supposedly received were faked. The following photos will once and for all demonstrate how much we have been lied to!

The following photos, Ladies and Gentlemen, were taken seconds after the so-called bomb initially exploded.


In (Figure 59a)  
, you will smoke surrounding everyone because of the initial detonation. Now, pay very close attention to (Figure 59b) 

. Within the red oval, which I created, there are 3 people you must remember; the man at top of the oval with the baseball cap, the black lady below him and, right below that black lady is Jeff. What is critical to note immediately is that Jeff supposedly had both of his legs blown off by shrapnel yet, look at the top of his legs; there are no injuries and, if there were, blood would be pouring down his legs. But, there is absolutely no sign of injury whatsoever.

In (Figure 60a) the man in the baseball cap has removed his sunglasses appears to be cradling the black lady while looking down at Jeff. Take a good look at (Figure 60b) and compare it to (Figure 60a) and, still, there is no blood or sign of wound on Jeff’s legs.

Here is where it’s going to be very, very interesting Ladies in Gentlemen! In (Figure 61a), miraculously and out of nowhere, Jeff suddenly is missing his left leg. Look at (Figure 61b) and ONLY NOW is Jeff missing his leg. Question…Where is the blood??? Notice how the so-called amputated leg is elevated, which means if the wound is real then blood should be flowing down towards the kneecap like a river. But, there is not one single drop of blood to be seen. THIS IS MEDICALLY IMPOSSIBLE!!! Compare this photo to (Figure 60b)  

and you can see how the tibia bone came out of nowhere. How did this happen? I’ll explain in a bit.

In (Figure 62a) 


Jeff’s leg is higher in elevation and, still, there is no blood pouring out from his wound to be seen. Take a good look at (Figure 62b)  

and you can see this for yourself.

Notice that Jeff’s leg in (Figure 63a)  

is still showing no genuine signs of trauma, or bleeding. Yet, upon closer examination, in (Figure 63b) 
Jeff’s leg is right by the black lady’s head. Why, if this is a genuine wound, is there no blood to be seen on the white collared part of her outfit? Blow up the photo as I have and, still you will not see one drop of blood whatsoever.

As you look at (Figure 64a) 

Jeff’s so-called traumatized legs is all but resting on top of the black lady’s head. And, yet, there is no blood on her to be seen and, there is no river of blood spurting out of his leg. What’s even more interesting is when you look at the tibia bone in (Figure 64b) 

, and compare it to (Figure 63b) 
, it got shorter. The tibia bone actually became shorter!!! How is this possible???

I am convinced the man in the hood, the black lady, and Jeff are all actors. I believe what happened was that right after the initial detonation of a smoke bomb, amidst all the confusion and chaos, the guy in the hood attached faked prosthetics to Jeff’s already amputated legs and the black lady, in the middle of them, was used to shield what the guy in the hood had been doing along. But, this story isn’t over yet. Plus, look at the inside part of Jeff’s right leg. Suddenly, it appears to be flayed opened and bleeding. Yet, when we compare this  

(Figure 64b) 
to (Figure 63b) 
it wasn’t there. Again, this is impossible!!! Traumatic wounds of this nature do not suddenly appear out of thin air.

(Figure 65a) 

wouldn’t appear to add up to anything were it not for the previous photos because, in(Figure 65b) 


notice how the black lady and the guy in the hood are the same two actors we saw in 59a – 64b. Not only have they repositioned themselves away from Jeff (circled in red), but the black lady is now sitting in a pool of blood, while the hooded guy is no longer wearing his baseball cap and leaning on his elbow, in a very relaxed position. Plus, another actor has appeared on the scene. In the greenish colored circle, we now have the man in the cowboy hat who was seen helping Jeff in the wheelchair in (Figure 58) 


In (Figure 66a) 

Jeff can be seen holding onto his left leg. Supposedly, he just had both of his legs traumatically blown off. Again, this is a lie!!! Here’s why: 1) Notice Jeff’s skin color (Figure 66b

, the green oval) to those others around him. It’s the same. Had those leg injuries been real he’s be white as a ghost and, either unconscious from the blood loss or, screaming in agony. 2) I have seen more than enough blood in my time while practicing medicine, and while being in the Illuminati, to know the difference between real and fake blood. The blood in the photo is not the correct color and texture. It’s absolutely fake! 3) The amount of blood on the ground does not account for all the blood Jeff should’ve lost. Both femoral arteries along with the iliac arteries were supposedly shredded and still, when we look at the photo there is not arterial gushing of blood, and I do meangushing. 4) Being that Jeff is conscious, why isn’t he screaming in pain instead of look clam and composed?

Remember that black lady we had seen in Figures 59a – 65b? Well, she now makes a cameo appearance. Here she is, once again, in (Figure 67a). Notice that now, not only is she covered in blood, but she appears to be in an absolute state of shock. Hmm, this is very interesting because back in (Figure 65b)

she was not in a state of shock but cognitive and, cognitive enough to have relocated herself. And, she was not covered in blood. Notice, once again, how she had relocated herself into a pool of blood.

I believe that more than sufficient enough photographic evidence, which had been taken seconds after the bombs had gone off, can only lead us to one very obvious conclusion: this part of the Boston Marathon Race Bombing was staged. It’s a lie!

The event we just went through, along with all of the photographic evidence, really troubles me because it was all contrived. But, what equally troubles me is the possible Sandy Hook connection to all of this. If you’ll recall (Figure 68)
, Dawn Hochsprung, the principal who was killed at Sandy Hook, somehow showed up at the Boston Marathon Race according to what the news had reported. Plus, 3 of the officers that were at Sandy Hook (Figure 69)
also mysteriously appear (Figure 70)
at the Boston Marathon Race Bombing. If that isn’t perplexing enough, here’s another mystery. In(Figure 71)

we have another person who was not only at Sandy Hook, she was also at the Boston Marathon Race Bombing. And even more perplexing is that, not only was she interviewed by CNN at the Sandy Hook incident, she was also interviewed by CNN at the Boston Marathon Race Bombing!!! Facial recognition shows that: 1) the chin is the same, 2) the nose is the same, 3) the lips are the same, 4) the hairstyle is the same and, 5) look at the unusual way the eyebrows are thin at one end and thick at the other in both pictures. They’re a perfect match! This is the same person, at both crime scenes and, interviewed both times by CNN. What, in the name of the lower planes of Gahanna, is going on here? Unless there was a zombie apocalypse that I wasn’t informed about, how are these same people who are supposed to be either dead, or living in the Sandy Hook, appearing in Boston, Massachusetts?

One last thing that does make me wonder is this: Abdul Rahman Ali Isa Al-Salmi al-Harbi, the person who was originally the person of interest (Figure 72)

Fortunately for everyone, America is not the only source of news, and in light of recent in events in Boston, this is a Godsend. Euronews is the international and European news from a European perspective and they have also been reporting on what happened during the Boston Marathon Race Bombing.

What you are about to see are photos I lifted from a Euronews television feed, and they tell a startling story. In (Figure 72a)
you see another section of Boylston Street where more victims of the bombings are being attended to. Now, pay very close attention to the man I outlined with  
 a red circle in (Figure 72b) 

He appears to be calm in this photo and is holding two white bags. Then, in(Figure 73a) 

this same man is screaming. In(Figure 73b) 

, circled in red, you can see he is still holding the same bags while he’s screaming. This is actually a warning to those people around him; possibly other actors. In (Figure 74a) 

you will see that the man has slammed both bags together; take a good look at this in the red circled area of (Figure 74b) 

. Suddenly, in (Figure 75a)  

a huge dust cloud appears. Let’s move onto (Figure 75b)
so I can break this down for you. In (Figure 75b) 

, once the man had screamed and gave out his warning signal, the two men that are circled in red within the green circle immediately turned their heads while the other man, towards the upper left hand corner of the photo, also circled in red, began stepping away. All three of them either turned their heads or starting moving back once the signal (the scream) had been given. It was only then that the dust cloud had appeared (within the green circle). This is supposed to look like the same sort of dust one would expect to see after an explosion. So, as you can tell by the photos, it is quite obvious that this is another “staged” event at the Boston Marathon Race Bombing. At least 3 to 4, possibly more, of those folks in those photos are nothing but actors, who are there to help create the illusion of this staged event. The Chinese proverb says: “One picture is worth a thousand words”. These photos are speaking volumes!

One last thing that does make me wonder is this: Abdul Rahman Ali Isa Al-Salmi al-Harbi, the person who was originally the person of interest(Figure 76)

was visited by Michelle Obama in the hospital (Figure 77)
. This event was covered in the Arabic paper called Okaz (Figure 78)
. So, why this same event covered in any of the American newspapers? ***NOTE: The Okaz article can be read on my web site @:www.itsagodthingproductions777.com in the “News Article” section, under the title of: “ARE THESE PICTURES OF MICHELLE OBAMA VISITING THE SAUDI PUT ON A WATCHLIST LAST WEEK?” I believe you’ll find this article very enlightening indeed!

There it is Ladies and Gentlemen! Instead of more answers being provided clear up things, we are left with more questions and convolutions.

Something is terribly wrong here folks! And the more information I find out, the more I am convinced that the hand of the Illuminati is behind those events of the Boston Marathon Race Bombings. The big question would be…why? Why would the Illuminati do this? There is an answer, and it is a most disturbing one.

In Figures 79 – 83 we see members of the Boston SWAT team forcing people out of their homes at gun point. As I had watched the footage of these events, members of the Boston SWAT team were terrifying the occupants of those homes. Occupants of these homes were having their front doors banged upon, they were being screamed at, guns were being pointed, and they were illegally being forced to leave their premises without a search warrant or a warrant for their arrest. Some were even forced out of their own homes without being allowed to put on any socks or shoes. They were forced out barefooted!

Why did all of these happen? The answer can be found in (Figure 83)

. This was an exercise for“Martial Law”. Remember, my dear and good folks, how many times over the last 34 years I’ve explained that the Illuminati will never do anything on a large scale until they’ve practiced it on a small scale first. They do these things on a small scale first to try and determine if they can predict all the moves and the eventual outcome; like a chess match. If things happen the way they’ve predicted, then they will move things up to the larger scale. Quick example would be those events that unfolded during the Nazi Regime; that was the small scale. The bigger scale is happening here in America right now. Slowly and systematically we are being turned into the New Nazi Regime, and it will continue as such unless we put an end to it. But, that’s a tale for another time.

Doc Marquis


  1. Where are the pictures referenced in the article?

    I can't see them.

  2. If someone wants the PDF with the pictures let me know and I will send it to you.
    Don't forget to add the email address.

  3. Your shit doesn't make sense. You accuse the guy who had his legs blown off of being an actor and yet say he looks composed and not screaming in pain. Don't you think as an actor he would be in character and acting the whole time?

    And when you accuse some women at sandy hook of being the same woman later interviewed about the marathon and say how her hairstyle is the same... Don't you think "they" would think of that and get her to dye her hair and wear it in a different style?