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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Countless times over the last several months unusual storms have been occurring across the World and the United States. While no single storm can be placed on Climate Change or Global Warming, it is apparent that the overall climate on Earth is changing quite drastically. Stronger than average earthquakes are occurring literally every day and scores of volcanoes are stewing waiting to blow its top. Combine all this with a quieter than average sun with the occasional strong solar flare, the effects it is having on our local weather is astonishing. To say that I know what is going to happen would be incorrect but what I can confidently say is that extremes in weather will be quite common for the foreseeable future.

I am on record of the planet beginning to cool and should continue to cool significantly over the next several decades. This is using past signals to shape the future not some radical thought that is being stated just to be difficult. A few areas of focus is what could be a record setting cold profile in the Pacific. Latest chart out of the Coupled Forecast System (CFS) is predicting an earth shattering cold Nina. I am dubbing this the “Super Nina”. Pro-Global Warming experts dubbed the “Super Nino” phenomenon and how record warm waters were going to be occurring now, which is the exact opposite, so I see no problem calling this a “Super Nina”.
Nina Forecasted To Be Record Levels by Mid Winter; Courtesy of The Climate Prediction Center

Now before the reader just blindly follows the sheep, I am suspect of this getting this low; however, whenwatching the trends each month over the last several months, this forecast has been trending colder and colder. The bottom drops out over the next couple of weeks and crashing to a record low of -2.8 Kelvin (roughly 5 degrees Farenheit) by the middle of winter. As is accustomed to the CFS, it has a tendency to go to the extreme before correcting back to a more plausible solution but with the bizarre weather happening all across the globe it has me scratching my head on where to go with this. Parlaying this into weather close to home in the Ohio Valley, how often do we get three cut-off lows that deepen in the eastern half of the United States in late summer through mid fall? This is very unusual and why the upcoming evolution of weather patterns are expected to be unusual as well.
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