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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Jim Rogers : the markets are not going down because of the S&P Debt Downgrade

Jim Rogers : my question is what took them so long why did not they go further , the United Stats is the largst debtor nation in the history of the world this is not news , I know you have to report you got a lot of viewers , this is not even old news , this is not news everybody in the market knew this , the markets are not going down because of this , the markets are going down because of many fundamental reasons , America got staggering problems Europe has problems China is slowing down , there are many reasons for the markets to go down , I am still an American citizens I pay American taxes and I vote in America , I have been shorting stocks I have been short technology stocks I have been short emerging markets , if we have huge panic and a huge collapse a selling climate I have to cover my shorts I do not particularly want to but I am not doing anything except watching with amusement , now if Mr Bernanke starts printing money again which is pretty clear that he will then I just have to buy more commodities buy more real assets because when they print money Maria , the only way to save yourself and even make money is to own real assets

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